A Day in the Life of a Couturier

You don’t base your life around your passion for fashion and couture unless you’re passionate and determined to make a difference. The high fashion and couture industry has a famous air of being super luxurious and special - but it isn’t that easy to achieve. Aleem works tirelessly to build a brand that every day exceeds his wildest dreams! 

To put it simply - Aleem’s obsessed with the fashion and couture industry. This obsession has driven him for many years to create custom, timeless pieces with the highest level of craftsmanship. He has perfected his attention to detail and developed exceptional knowledge through experience. His learning of the art of couture started from a very young age from his great-aunt who was a fabulous couturière. Later in the years, he further expanded on his skills by attending fashion school in Melbourne for formal studies, and moved on to work alongside skilful artisans for many years. Following this, he set up his very own couture studio in Collingwood.

Aleem knew he wanted to make dresses since he was just nine years old, and always knew couture design and creation was his mission. Quite the career change - he was once a dentist! However, his upbringing surrounding his great-aunt's couture business played a huge part in his mission - cementing the passion for couture design we see today.


Every day is different - just like Aleem’s clients, and that’s what excites each creation! Connecting with his audience and clients, every moment is special through his love for his craft - inspiring all those around him. You know you’ve got the real deal - someone who is passionate about making an heirloom piece for you, alongside you and your vision. Just like every committed couturier, Aleem’s love and respect for the premium materials he chooses to work with brings to life the most beautiful custom designs.

Working with clients is the highlight of his day, something that’s always surrounded with fun, positivity and excitement. Learning about the client’s goals, visions and special events, and being a part of their special moments is something that just can’t be described. Aleem can talk about dresses, fabrics, lace, embellishments and styles all day, every day, and that’s exactly what he does! You’re in good hands - combining his artisanal skills with custom designs, just for you.

If he’s not designing collections in his Collingwood studio, Aleem’s on the road - attending trade shows, meeting new local suppliers, planning runway shows, or visiting Paris for his shows and fabric fairs! Connecting with other ethical small businesses, he surrounds himself with those who share his passions and visions for the future of the industry.  Every single minute in his life is absorbed by fashion and design, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Get inspired by Aleem’s passion and determination - follow and be a part of his journey at @aleem.yusuf.couture