Couture: Where to Start?

Always the biggest question when planning your next big event - where do I start?

Custom made for your proportions, style and vision - Aleem Yusuf is committed to making you look and feel your best. Celebrating your own personal style by crafting timeless, show-stopping couture pieces, we connect and work with you from day one.

Custom-made couture pieces are all about understanding you, working in sync with you to craft the perfect gown to showcase you! The process is all about exploration, bringing you into the world of couture by helping you share and build upon your own aspirations to complement your self-expression and individuality.

So, what really is couture? It’s important to know the difference between off-the-rack, made-to-order and couture  gowns - and we’re always happy to help!  We offer a range of gowns including: 

Off-the-rack Gowns
As the name suggests, these gowns are straight off-the-rack.  We have a selection of studio samples available for purchase.  We offer on-site alterations to achieve the desired fit.  Some minor adjustments can also be made e.g. adding or removing sleeves, increasing or decreasing the length of the train or adding lace and embellishments.

Made-to-order Gowns
A made-to-order gown is a piece that you select from our range of gowns.  The selected gown is then made closest to your dress size.  Options may be available to choose different fabrics, colour and embellishments according to your liking but the design is not changed; except for minor adjustments such as length of the train and/or sleeves.

Made-to-order gowns are available for purchase on our e-boutique HERE and from our studio in Collingwood.

Couture Gowns
A couture gown is completely unique, and made in consultation with you, for your unique proportions. It’s crafted especially for you and what you like, from scratch, giving the best and most flattering fit. You’ll need to feel comfortable with the team creating your gown - and that’s where we come in! Making you feel supported, heard and overall excited is our priority, seeing everything come together is what we’re most passionate about.

Designing involves having a conversation with you about your inspirations and from there we will develop sketches to help you visualise our ideas.  We will then assist you to select appropriate fabrics, laces and embellishments of the best colour, texture and weave that suit your style. Then patterns and toile (mock-up of the gown) are produced for fittings.   Once we have ensured that the design and fit are correct, the gown is made in your selected fabrics.  After the final fitting, the gown is completed with finishing touches and embellishments.

Custom designing a gown is a lengthy process and you are part of that process at every stage to ensure that we get it right, according to your requirements and with the ALEEM YUSUF signature style.
Style of Gown
Whether you choose a modern, glamorous, boho or vintage style gown - our craftsmanship and experience will ensure it’s exactly what you’re after. Thinking outside the box to offer many options, including premium materials, lace and embellishments - it’s crucial that your style and personality shine through. When it comes to your special event gown: whatever you need and want to feel your best, we’ll make it happen.

Offering custom pattern-making, tailoring and crafting, from structured ball gowns to soft romantic gowns, effortlessly stylish and elegant designs will leave you free to have fun on your special day.

Design consultations
Consultations with Aleem are very personalised- sipping on bittersweet liqueur or aromatic tea, getting to know each other, discussions about your ideal gown, trying on gowns, custom designing, personalised sketching and selecting fabrics, laces or embellishments.


We run several fittings and adjustments appointments at various stages of development, including the toile (mock-up of your gown), the actual fabric fitting of your gown, lace and embellishments pinned on the gown and finally - the last fitting before you pick up your gown for your big day!

Ethics and values
As an ethically responsible, slow fashion brand, sustainable practices are at the heart of our business, empowering both our suppliers and customers. We’re passionate about building a better future for all by supporting other local businesses, upcoming talent and creative jobs.

Your experience and journey with us is special every step of the way, and you can be assured that choosing us is influencing something bigger. 

"The idea of having a couture gown specially made for you is the epitome of expressing who you are" -  Aleem Yusuf.

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