Empowering Australian Talent - #WeWearAustralian

What do we do when we can’t visit our favourite boutiques, get fitted by inspiring couturiers, shop the runway or travel to gorgeous places?  

We do #WeWearAustralian- the brainchild of Kelly Atkinson and Richard Poulson of Showroom-X, bringing Australian fashion designers together and contributing to the partnering charity Thread Together.

Image: Courtesy of WeWearAustralian

We are so rapt to be part of the #WeWearAustralian campaign that supports Australian designers and their workers while the charity provides clothing for people in need.

Image: Courtesy of Thread Together

It does put our mind at ease that we as a community are working together to ensure that we’ll still have a thriving local fashion industry on the other side of this pandemic. 

Image: Courtesy of Australian Fashion Council

Our fashion industry employs 489k workers, 77% of which are women and contributes $27.2B per annum to the economy.

Even though we can’t show off our ‘to-die-for' style or beautiful clothes and accessories today - very soon, we will!  We know one day we’ll be back sipping champagne, mingling, catching up on the goss, and relaxing on the long-awaited beaches of Broome or Spain! Just another reason that keeps us going! No matter what happens, we're certain that #WeWearAustralian is helping us get through this tough time. We’ll still be here, as glamorous as ever making heads turn! 

 With especially amazing brands participating in #WeWearAustralian, last year’s campaign saw an outstanding editorial reach of close to 8 million Australians through enlisting The Age, Women’s Wear Daily, Russh and Vogue magazines.

Born from a need to create a sense of commitment between the fashion community and industry, #WeWearAustralian unites us to get through these bizarre times. It’s not just about making it to the other side, but providing some much-needed uplift and excitement around our industry - and getting everyone talking about feeling glamorous again- something fabulous to look forward to!

Last year, more than 10,000 disadvantaged Australians over just three weeks championed the #WeWearAustralian movement. We’re proud to be a part of this massive movement, showcasing Australian design and talent, while helping people in need.

It’s a small choice we can make to be a part of something bigger, by supporting #WeWearAustralian's partnering charity, Thread Together. Purchase through the movement right now, or add that to your wish list, to join us in this inspiring campaign, and support those who need it most. Thank you a million times over to those who can show their support through this pandemic, it truly does show a great dedication to our values and our industry. 

At Aleem Yusuf, sustainability and empowerment are always at the forefront, passionate about partnering with small businesses and local talent to support them in achieving bigger community goals. In the remainder of  2021 and beyond, we hope for every Australian, reuniting with #WeWearAustralian, to allow us as a collective, to drive social, environmental and community change. We know there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

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