Fast Fashion vs. Custom Made

You can make a massive impact by doing one little thing.
Choose to contribute towards change, by supporting a sustainable environment through your fashion choices. This is something we’re super passionate about, crafting pieces that embody longevity, elegance and sustainability.

Fast fashion brands most likely don’t support workers, suppliers, or the environment. A lot of large fast-fashion labels internationally aren’t focused on making real change, with most brands overproducing up to 40% (Forbes, 2020). This equates to millions of tonnes of landfill and waste every single year.

Unfortunately, huge amounts of waste are generally a part of the fast-fashion business model. But, we can change that - and we hold the power to create that change!

We’re buying 60% more clothes now than we did just 15 years ago (Greenpeace, 2016) - just in the past decade. But, we’re keeping them just half as long, with the average consumer throwing clothes out after a couple, if not no wears at all. 

An estimated 85% of all textiles go to the dump every year, according to the World Economic Forum, and that’s enough to fill Sydney Harbour annually. Doesn’t that put things into perspective? 

This waste is a dirty secret behind the world’s fast fashion addiction, creating environmental catastrophes in most developing countries. All of this contributes to climate change and landfill when this can be managed differently.

At Aleem Yusuf, we’ve been proud to be a part of Melbourne’s Fashion Community who has decided to speak out. What can you do to create change, and be a part of this movement? 

Not only do our clients contribute towards supporting us, but they influence the reduction in landfill and emissions. It’s important to us that our influence is focused on building a sustainable future.

Aleem Yusuf has been recognised as a premium ethical local maker promoting sustainable industry practices with inclusion in Greta Lukavic’s ‘Sustainable & Fashionable Melbourne’ - on top of his passion and craftsmanship.

Rather than wasting time and money buying mass-produced, fast fashion pieces online, isn’t it better to buy something quality, custom-made and sustainable? Unlike the big fast fashion brands, chewing up our future - we’ve chosen to partner with small, local businesses that have sustainable and ethical practices - supporting each other in the way forward.

Consumption is not the issue.  Overconsumption is the issue. This topic has been around for many years, but the pandemic has helped us gain momentum to continue this conversation - it’s time to create change now. Reduce the waste you create and contribute towards a sustainable future by following small steps every single day.

Simple tips to start in your life:
  • Invest in special key pieces that last a lifetime and can be re-styled with different accessories.

  • Pass pieces down through generations, family and friends.

  • Find your local designer, tailor or dressmaker.  Not only will you be supporting them, your choices will influence something bigger.

  • Talk to your designer about up-cycling and re-tailoring your existing clothes.

  • Choose garments made of sustainable and ethically produced materials.

  • Donate your clothes directly to individuals and verify re-sellers.

We can help with supporting your choices! 
Join us in the movement - make sure you’re supporting those who want to create change for a better future.