Dual tulle as Australian designers realise Paris dream

When they are toiling in their workroom at 1am, every designer of note dreams of one day showing in Paris.

And on Monday, Paris time, that dream came true…

Yusuf, 45, completed his formal training at the Melbourne School of Fashion, but his passion began at age nine, when he would observe his great aunt sewing and take excess fabric to make his own clothes.

Showing in Paris was the culmination of more than 10 years' work and the 12 garments he showed took more than 2000 hours to create.

"I am feeling exhilarated and humbled – and a bit exhausted but it's a good exhaustion!" Yusuf later said from Paris. "It's amazing to be among the movers and shakers of the industry."

He said the collection was received well by the Parisian press, as well as stylists wanting to access his designs for red-carpet clients.

Complete article by Melissa Singer (Fashion Editor) in:

The Age

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