'Where do you even go from here?': Aussies scale fashion's twin peaks

If you consider fashion merely clothes, it's hard to think of two events more diametrically opposed than Paris Couture Week and the Australian Open.

In Paris, this week marks the twice-yearly froth-fest of gowns whose prices starts in the thousands and finish in the stratosphere (as they say, "If you have to ask ..."). Meanwhile, at Melbourne Park, the world's top tennis players are sweating it out (quite literally) in some of the most colourful and sustainable gear the game has ever seen.

In the debate about which event is more prestigious, purists will scoff and say Paris, naturally. But if we're measuring in eyeballs alone, then the Grand Slam wins by a double break in the third set.

If she makes the finals, perhaps Williams will opt for something more theatrical, resembling the creations couturier Aleem Yusuf showed in Paris on Tuesday.

Speaking the morning after his show at Hôtel Le Marois, Yusuf said that since last season he has increased the international visibility of his brand, which has translated to growing his Melbourne-based team. "I was blown away by the heightened interest in the brand this second season," he said.

Opening with an homage to his home city, a black tulle gown with a thigh-high slit and delicate, sheer sleeves, the collection also included beading and lace dresses in soft nudes, reds and pale citrus.

Irrespective, the two events are, right now, fashion's biggest stages, and two designers from Melbourne are playing a starring role.

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