What’s the difference between a custom designed couture gown and a made-to-measure couture gown?

Custom designed gowns:

A custom designed couture gown is a unique piece of art that is designed and constructed especially for you.  The design is first developed with you through a process of consultation.  Then patterns and toiles (mock-ups of the gown) are produced for fittings.   Only when we have ensured that the design and fit are correct, will the gown be produced in your selected fabrics.  After the final fitting, the gown is completed with finishing touches and embellishments.

Designing involves having a conversation with you about your inspirations and from there we will develop sketches to help you visualise our ideas.  We will then assist you to select appropriate fabrics, laces and embellishments of the best colour, texture and weave that suit your style.

Custom designing a gown is a lengthy process and you are part of that process at every stage to ensure that we get it right according to your requirements and with the ALEEM YUSUF signature style.

Made-to-measure gowns:

A made-to-measure gown is a piece that you select from a range that already exists in our collection.  The selected design is then made according to your measurements.  This may involve producing toiles for fittings.  The fabric texture, colour and embelishments can be changed according to your liking but the design is not changed, except for minor adjustments such as length of the hem and/or sleeves, position of the waistline or length of the train.

How long does it take to construct custom designed and made-to-measure gowns?

Custom designed gowns:

Due to the extensive process of consultation, design development, fittings, sourcing fabrics, detailing and finishing, custom designed gowns can take up to 8 months to complete.

Made-to-measure gowns:

A design selected from an existing collection can take between 2 to 6 months, depending on the design and availability of fabrics chosen.

Can I change or cancel my consultation appointment?

We understand that sometimes appointment changes/cancellations are necessary. We ask that you give us at least a 24 hour notice to change or cancel your appointment.

Are there different sizes of each gown available to try on at your salon?

We are only able to offer selective sizing options to try-on.  If your gown size is not available, you will still be able to get a feel and sense of what we can create for you by a personalised consultation with the designer and draping the various fabric colours and textures at our salon.

How many appointments are required for fittings?

Generally 5 appointments are required for custom designed and 2 to 3 for made-to-measure gowns.

In some instances additional appointments may be required for more complex and intricate designs.

Can I make an appointment on a Sunday or public holiday?

Yes, we offer appointments on a Sunday or public holiday.

I live interstate and would like to purchase a custom designed gown from you.  What is the process involved for interstate clients?

Yes we provide our services to interstate clients and we try to minimize the number of times you need to travel to Melbourne.  We do this by accommodating 2 appointments for each visit to Melbourne.

We also visit Sydney for private consultations and fittings. Please enquire for updates regarding our visiting schedule.

Do I need to prepare for a consultation appointment before visiting your salon?

It is helpful if you have an idea of the colours, necklines and dress styles that suit you.   We will then work with you to refine these ideas and provide you with options so that you can select dresses or fabrics of the appropriate colour, texture and weave to suit your style and budget.

Do I need to prepare for my fitting appointments beforehand?

It is helpful if you can wear similar undergarments and footwear that you intend to wear on your special day.  Complete details about preparing for fittings are provided to you at the consultation appointment.

Is it possible to complete my  gown urgently?

Yes in some instances we are able to accomodate urgent orders.  Please note that urgent production and completion will attract additional fees.

Where are your gowns made?

Our gowns are designed and made in our atelier in Collingwood in Melbourne, Australia.

Where do you source fabrics from?

We have local and global connections with numerous manufacturers and suppliers of fabrics, laces and embellishments.  As we have access to a large range of suppliers,  we are able to accommodate varying budgets and requirements.

Is it possible to dye fabric or lace to the colour of my choice?

We can dye fabric and lace, however, each fabric absorbs dye differently and the results can vary from your original swatch colour.   Given that it is a time consuming and complex process,  dyeing will attract additional fees.

We usually find that that clients are happy to select from our wide range of fabrics and laces that we source locally and globally from  leading manufacturers and suppliers.

I know exactly what I want for my wedding gown or special occasion gown.  Can you make it for me?

Yes we will work with you to design your special gown.  The design development occurs at the consultation appointment.  We will always endeavour to design your dream gown that meets your needs with ALEEM YUSUF signature style – it is a very exciting part of the process.

Do you sell your gowns and dresses online?

We sell our custom designed and made to measure couture gowns from our atelier in  Collingwood in Melbourne, Australia.

What is the price range for ALEEM YUSUF wedding and special occasion gowns?

The price range varies widely depending on the design, choice of fabrics, lace and embellishments.  For example, natural silk fabrics that are woven and dyed in Europe generally attract a higher cost than synthetic fabrics.

French lace is famed throughout the world for its beauty and delicacy.  Genuine French lace that is made in France will attract a higher premium than imitation ‘French’ lace.

Likewise, Swarovski crystals and pearls are more highly valued than imitation glass crystals or plastic base pearls.

We have a wide range of fabric, lace and embellishment options for you to chose from to suit you style and budget.

Prices will also vary depending on the Australian dollar’s value as this impacts the cost of importing fabrics from overseas.

Average price range for a custom designed wedding or a special occasion gown is A$ 4,500 – A$ 9,500.

More intricate and complex designs that use extensive amounts of fabric, lace or embellishments can be up to A$ 20,000.

Do you design dresses for bridesmaids, mothers of bride and groom ?

Yes we design dresses for bridesmaids, mothers of bride and groom.

These can be created in any colour, lace and embellishments of your choice.  Please contact us for further information.

Is ALEEM YUSUF an accredited business?

Yes ALEEM YUSUF is accredited with the Australian Bridal Service.  As an accredited business we are committed to good practice and service excellence meeting the highest standards of quality.  Accreditation is based on a code of conduct that provides a framework to conduct our daily activities with professionalism, integrity, honesty and trust.  Accreditation ensures our clients have peace of mind when planning for their wedding day.


If you have any queries about how we can assist you further, please contact us .

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