We are hundred percent committed to ethical and sustainable practises, that empower and support our workers and suppliers.
Every single piece is hand-crafted with consideration, in our studio in Collingwood (Melbourne), Australia.

Our manufacturing process includes sketching, measuring, pattern-making, construction, fittings and final finishing. All of these steps are done in-house by Aleem and a small team of people.

We are committed to protecting workers rights in our industry which is predominantly made of women workers; adhering to ethical standards of paying living wages to our workers. This gives us an opportunity to create local jobs and empower micro-economies.

It also ensures in-house quality control and high standard of manufacturing, that our clients deserve.

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our fabrics

We source our fabrics, laces and embellishments from a wide range of ethical and sustainable suppliers.  These include small family owned mills that have been passed on between several generations.

Aleem has personally met with owners of these family owned mills and has an on-going professional relationship with them. These owners also pride themselves in empowering their workers and preserving and promoting the artisanal skills and their heritage of fabric and lace weaving.

Aleem also personally sought fabric makers at Premiere Vision in Paris, that manufacture recycled fabrics and use ethically sourced raw materials such as, 'NAIA from EASTMAN' cellulosic yarn certified by www.fsc.org and www.pefc.org; Peace silk yarn & Organic silk yarn certified by GOTS, Global Organic Textile Standards.

Fabrics from our Melbourne based supplier are produced to the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex- International Association for Research and Testing in the Filed of Textile and Leather Ecology, grade and test products within the fashion industry based on their extensive criteria catalogue.  Standard 100 means that the components of the fabric have been tested for harmful substances (no harsh chemicals, pesticides or dyes etc.) and has been made sustainably in safe, responsible working conditions. Non-toxic to you and the environment.

Hence, traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation is the focus of each of our pieces.

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We strongly believe in empowering, guiding and supporting our local makers, talent and students.

Aleem conducts workshops at LCI Melbourne through AYTA Studio, teaching intricate and traditional techniques of couture.

Giving each individual the opportunity to grow and expand their knowledge, Aleem’s team feels confident in their knowledge of standards and requirements to flourish in the industry.

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hierloom pieces


We are on a mission to preserve couture and bespoke heritage.

The pieces that we create for individuals are made with the intent of being considered as heirlooms, that can be passed on between generations.

Every step of the journey to create our pieces, is completed with world-class artisanal skills, using premium materials to ensure beauty and longevity.

We handle everything in house - from sketching, measuring, pattern making, construction, fitting and finishing. Made locally and supporting small businesses, we craft every piece from scratch in our Collingwood studio.

Fully accredited and following industry codes, we are committed to high standards of quality.

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We respect the past to help us guide our future at individual, social and environmental levels.

We believe that in order for every individual that interacts with our brand, to be committed one hundred percent to us, they must feel empowered and supported by us. That means we are one hundred percent committed to them, whether they are our makers, suppliers or clients.

We guarantee professionalism, integrity, honesty and trust when you interact with us.

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We promote industry practises and artisanal skills that contribute towards sustainable and eco-friendly communities.

Our clients play a valuable role in our vision. By supporting Australian creative jobs, slow fashion and ethical practices, our clients allow our team and suppliers to promote environmental protection, through our business practises. It’s important to us that our influence, big or small, is focused on building a sustainable future.

We are proud to have been included in 'SUSTAINABLE & FASHIONABLE: MELBOURNE' guide by Greta Lukavic. We have been recognised as one of the ethical local makers.

We source our packaging from local makers including boxes, garment bags and tissue paper. All of these are bio-degradable, in order to reduce the landfill and protect our environment.

Our model of manufacturing is purely made-to-order. We do not produce typical seasonal collections or hold excessive stock of gowns. Being a more responsible way of manufacturing, it also ensures quality which in turn means longevity of the piece that you purchase from us.