All our products are designed and handmade in our workroom in Collingwood (Melbourne), Australia. The materials are sourced from around the world for a consistent supply of products as seen online or at our studio, including but not limited to; natural fibres like silk, wool, cotton and synthetic fibres; Swarovski Elements, sterling silver, silver plating, gold plating, 14k gold filled, nickel-free non-precious metals (except for ear-hooks or studs which are sterling silver or gold filled).

All our products are hand-crafted with care, attention and high level of quality control to ensure durability. Products are comprised of extensive components and various materials (metal and non-metal) of different textures, weights and strengths. This results in various combinations of materials, hence unique and delicate products, which need care during and after use. 


Please avoid exposing the jewellery to perfumes, moisture or extreme heat. After each use, wipe the jewellery with a soft lint-free cloth to remove all traces of makeup, sweat, perfume and moisture. Wrap in acid-free tissue paper and store in a dry place in a pouch or a box. Sterling silver, some silver plated components, some gold filled and plated components will tarnish with time and usage. Please use silver polishing cloth or liquid or mild soap and soft toothbrush to remove the tarnishing.


Most of our gowns and other garments require specialist dry cleaning services. Please do not clean or wash them at home.  Please follow the care label instructions. Do not dry clean the garments at a regular dry cleaner or wash in the washing machine or by hand unless specified on the care label. Avoid excessive heat while ironing and avoid perfume on the fabrics. After use, store in a dry place in a suitable garment.


All products are wrapped in special acid-free tissue paper and shipped in suitable packaging and optionally ordered garment bags for storage after use. All products are designed and made with high level of quality control and using high quality materials. If any of our products need to be restored due to regular wear and tear over a period of time, we will happily be of service. Repairs may attract a fee. Enjoy our products with as much love and care as they are created with.