ALEEM YUSUF shows at Paris Haute Couture Week
Autumn/Winter 2019/20 collection ‘Nomade’

“The idea of having a couture gown specially made for you,

is the epitome of expressing who you are.”  Aleem Yusuf

Made-to-measure wedding and evening gowns.  Made in Melbourne.

Inspired.  Beautiful.  Individual.

Exploring the Haute Couture techniques of the Golden Age of Couture, obsession with designing and sewing beautiful gowns is inherent in Aleem.  His creative passion flourished from an early age, learning from his great-aunt who was a skilled couturière.
With a personalised experience, each gown is made in his Collingwood (Melbourne) atelier, with exquisite fabrics, laces and embellishments, keeping in view the client’s individual style, fit and comfort.
A professional and caring team is part of this process, to make you feel and look fabulous on your special day.

Being passionate about designing wedding gowns, red-carpet and special occasion gowns, his design process is an emotional journey.  The client he works with is a part of that journey, which is continuously evolving.

The Luminous Collection