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Celebrating your individuality, we add that extra magic to your dreams!

Our atelier is located within an urban warehouse in the heart of artistic Collingwood, where our clients experience the golden age of couture; that era between 1947-57 where luxury and elegance reigned.

We open the doors to a world of style and romance; exploring the passion for couture and glamorous creativity.

Shimmering sun rays through the window and soft lighting of vintage chandelier complement the soothing classical music composed by the great maestros.

Sipping on bittersweet liqueur or an aromatic tea, our clients will share their aspirations with the couturier and build upon their own style that complements their self-expression and individuality.

We are committed to you - celebrating your own personal style by crafting timeless, show-stopping couture pieces.

Custom-made for your individual style and vision, we connect and work with you from day one to understand how you want to look and feel on your special day.

As an ethically responsible, slow fashion brand, sustainable practices are at the heart of our business, empowering both our suppliers and customers. We’re passionate about building a better future for all by supporting other local businesses, upcoming talent and creative jobs.

Along with adhering to industry standards, we encourage conscious, constructive and sustainable usage by donating and repurposing all materials, reducing waste and giving our stock a new life.

Your experience with us is special every step of the way, and you can be assured that choosing us is influencing something bigger.

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"The idea of having a couture gown specially made for you, is the epitome of expressing who you are."  Aleem Yusuf.

In addition to our made-to-order range, our passion is designing and creating your special gown from scratch; your dream gown that reflects your unique personality and is an expression of who you are.

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Whether you choose a modern, glamorous, boho or vintage style gown, being customised to your individual style and silhouette, your comfort is ensured.

From structured ball gowns to soft romantic gowns, effortlessly stylish and elegant design will leave you free to have fun on your special day.

Consultations with the designer generally last one hour and include discussion about your ideal gown, trying on gowns, custom designing and personalised sketching.

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Couture designer Aleem works closely with you to design and create the gown that perfectly fits your vision.  At every step of the couture process, he ensures that your beautiful gown reflects your unique personality.

With a personalised experience, each gown is made in his Collingwood (Melbourne) atelier, with exquisite fabrics, laces and embellishments, keeping in view your individual style, fit and comfort.

A professional and caring team is part of this process, to make you feel and look fabulous on your special day.

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At Aleem Yusuf, celebrating your individuality is our top priority. We understand and respect your choices - connecting you with the perfect piece for your special day.

The couture process involves a series of appointments and a very personalised service.  The appointments include consultation, measurements, fittings and pickup of your gown.

Several fittings are done with your gown at various stages of development.  These stages include the toile (mock-up of your gown), the actual fabric fitting of your gown, lace and embellishments pinned on the gown and the final fitting closer to your occasion date.

Finally the pick up appointment of your gown, that is freshly steamed, pressed and beautifully fitted.

Working alongside you to enhance your personality, lifestyle and values sets us apart. That helps us to fully understand how you want to look and feel on your special day.

You will be heavily involved in the design process from day one, to combine your own style with your aspirations. The entire creative process is managed with you in the front of mind, from sketching and measuring, to custom pattern-making, construction, final fitting and finishing.

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to provide many options and think outside the box. Our team is one hundred percent committed to you and your vision - empowering and supporting you to showcase your individuality.

Designing involves connecting with you, understanding your aspirations and style to develop a visualisation. We’ll then assist you to select the perfect fabrics, laces and embellishments - including colours, textures and patterns that enhance your style.

Once we ensure that both the design and fit are flawless, any final touches are completed, and you’re ready for your big day!

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We offer made-to-measure gowns for mothers of bride and groom, bridesmaids and special occasion wear.

We also offer custom-made headpieces, veils and jewellery to complement your gown.

All of our exquisite gowns and accessories are handcrafted in our atelier in Collingwood, (Melbourne) Australia.