Make Good Choices- Support Sustainable

Why not have the best of both worlds? It’s not often you can support and work with local brands who are passionate about a better future and can create the gorgeous custom pieces you’re dreaming of! 
Respect & commitment is at the heart of the Aleem Yusuf brand. Our passion for contributing to building a better future at an individual, social and environmental level makes sure you have the simple option to make ethical choices. 
Supporting small businesses and sustainable resources, we’re proud of the conscious decisions we make as part of our work. We are one hundred percent committed to our cause- with our makers, suppliers and customers playing a huge part in achieving this goal.
High quality, materials with the best and genuine back story - how could anyone say no? Every single item is sourced sustainably, from inspiring talent, just another reason why your experience at Aleem Yusuf is special. You can be sure your choices and pieces are influencing something bigger.

Gorgeous people just like you play a valuable role in our goal to build a better future! You have the power to support Australian creative jobs, slow fashion and ethical practices. Not only do our lovely clients contribute to our business, but they allow our team and suppliers to reduce landfill. It’s important to us that our influence, big or small, is focused on building a sustainable future for our micro-communities.

We are proud to have been included in Greta Lukavic’s 'Sustainable & Fashionable Melbourne'! Aleem Yusuf’s been recognised as a premium ethical local maker promoting sustainable industry practices - on top of his passion and craftsmanship!


Rather than waste time and money buying mass-produced, fast fashion pieces online, isn’t it better to buy something quality, custom-made and sustainable? We’re not like the big brands, chewing up our future - we ensure to support businesses both locally and overseas to create change in living wages, business practices and consumer contributions.


Encouraging constructive, conscious and responsible usage, to reduce landfill, protect our environment and build a better future for all of us. Sometimes fashion and retail can be overrun with fast fashion and unethical supply practises, and you don’t know who to believe, but Aleem’s personally been there, done that - so you don’t have to.
Our fabrics, laces and embellishments are sourced from several ethical suppliers, including small family-owned mills passed through several generations. Aleem’s personally grown relationships with them, establishing ongoing supply and sustainability. We’ve chosen to work specifically with small businesses who share our vision for empowering workers, as well as preserving and promoting their heritage artisanal skills of fabric and lace weaving.

Aleem works with fabric suppliers at Premiere Vision, Paris as well as Melbourne based ethical suppliers; including manufactures of recycled fabrics from ethically sourced raw materials, such as  'NAIA from EASTMAN' cellulosic yarn, COCCCON peace silk yarn & organic silk yarn. All are backed by The Financial Services Council, the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification and the Global Organic Textile Standards

Fabrics from our Melbourne based supplier are produced to the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex- International Association for Research and Testing in the Filed of Textile and Leather Ecology, grade and test products within the fashion industry based on their extensive criteria catalogue.  Standard 100 means that the components of the fabric have been tested for harmful substances (no harsh chemicals, pesticides or dyes etc.) and has been made sustainably in safe, responsible working conditions. Non-toxic to you and the environment.

Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation is the focus of each of our pieces. Learn more about our ethics and sustainability goals at Aleem Yusuf here.