Obsessed - Handcrafting Every Step

We know you want to stun the crowd at your next event! Who doesn’t want to be the star of the show? Look no further, we’ve made that dream come true for so many!
Why buy something off the rack, when we offer custom made, timeless gowns and dresses? Made just for you, with you. Especially after the tough times we’ve all been through, you’re worth it!
We’re a slow fashion brand,  and take the time to understand you. Our goal is to preserve couture, practise traditional artisanal skills and create bespoke heritage - you’ll be able to pass your gowns through the generations. 
Hours upon hours have been spent perfecting every skill to give each garment that effortless, timeless look. From pattern-making specifically for individual proportions to internal shape and support construction - we pride ourselves on crafting the perfect piece for you- every time.
Our world-class craftsmanship sets us apart, working on every piece with the highest of attention to detail and precision. Using quality materials sourced from small businesses across the globe, every single garment is made to enhance elegance, empowerment and longevity.
Our pieces are considered heirlooms and special works of art that are designed to be passed through generations. Often, our pieces are passed on from mother to daughter and in lineage granddaughter, never diminishing in style and quality. How would it feel to be part of such a connected heritage and story? Priceless, we’re sure!
You could say Aleem is obsessed with every step of the process, driven to find the exact proportions and shapes just for you, to spark that special magic and desirability!
Aleem’s knowledge of shapes, lines and patterns allows you to look and feel even more fabulous - knowing that all your best features are enhanced and highlighted. 
All pieces are made from scratch in our Collingwood studio, with every single step of the design process managed by our small team in-house. This includes sketching, measuring, pattern making, gown construction, fitting and finishing - keeping in view your style and personality.
One of the most important skills in creating custom-made couture gowns is understanding design lines, and how shadow and light affect the different sections of the gown when being photographed or filmed at your event. Specific design techniques including pleats and ruching are crucial in every section of the silhouette, to compliment your natural proportions.
It’s all about sourcing and understanding the right type of fabrics, embellishments, laces and details that make your vision come to life. This is managed with care through many years of industry experience combined with Aleem’s passion for creating gorgeous pieces. Understanding and demonstrating ethical industry processes, we’ve taken the time to learn about the trade and put this into practise to create your special piece for your special day.
We’ve worked with hundreds of different materials to create hundreds of looks - and consult directly with you to choose the most high quality and perfect design elements.
Our couture gowns are often constructed with anything from hand-cut lace, embellished motifs, layers of tulle, delicate chiffon to flexible boning, underwires with hidden understructures, and much more. Maintaining design integrity that is true to you, is vital in the couture process. Every step of the process from pinning, cutting, adding, removing to hand-sewing is done with you, for you.
Essential for the desired shaping, we handcraft our bodices with stretch fabrics, underwires, bra cups and boning - whatever you need to feel your best. With every component hand cut and sewn individually, we ensure your made-to-measure piece is balanced and elegant.
Toiling is a vital step in gown construction, yet another reason we take our fitting sessions so seriously. This allows us to calculate the exact amount of fabric and embellishments needed. Also, to find the balance between your proportions, structure and drape - whether that be thousands of ruffles, crinoline hems or hand-cut tulle. Carefully tailored to every part of your shape and proportions, with enough structure and flexibility, your piece won’t just last for your event, but through generations. 
Committed to our clients, Aleem Yusuf is fully accredited and practises the highest of industry standards.
Not just celebrating your individuality, our small team guarantees trust, professionalism, integrity and honesty. 
Make every moment special, from designing to dazzling!