A Sneak Peek: Behind-The-Seams

It’s not often you get to jump behind-the-scenes, or as we like to call it, ‘behind-the-seams’ of a couture brand!

Taking a sneak peek at how a couturier works is super fabulous and really brings forth that appreciation for the sparkle they craft from scratch. Every step of the journey to create custom pieces is completed with the utmost care, using materials of the highest quality to ensure beauty and longevity.

Aleem Yusuf enhances that quality by combining his artisanal skills and premium materials to ensure the longevity of every garment - to be passed through generations.

Each day is different, but each day holds something special that Aleem loves. You’ll always find him working tirelessly on each custom piece, whether that be pattern making, measuring, pinning, embroidering or one of the hundreds of other skills it takes to be a courtier.

If not toiling away in the studio, Aleem’s running fittings for his gorgeous clients, sourcing sustainable and quality materials or attending to his runway shows in Paris and exhibitions in Melbourne!

As a slow-fashion brand, we handle everything sustainably in our Collingwood studio, whilst also choosing to partner with small businesses. We take every step seriously with our clients; from sketching, measuring, pattern making to garment construction, fitting and finishing. 

We work with you, one-on-one, and that’s what we’re most passionate about. Aleem’s truly obsessed with each part of the design process, driven to find the exact proportions and shapes just for you. His knowledge of shapes, lines and patterns allows you to look and feel even more fabulous - knowing that all your best features are enhanced and highlighted. 

Hours upon hours are spent perfecting each and every skill - for each and every garment. Each piece is different and it’s always exciting to dream up the next unique piece, with specific proportions, styles, fabrics and details. 

Connecting with our audience and clients, every moment is special -  especially for someone who is passionate about making an heirloom piece for every single client, exceeding their expectations every time. As a couturier, Aleem’s love and respect for the  materials he chooses to work with brings to life the most beautiful custom designs.

Aleem’s love of couture started from a very young age from his great-aunt who was a fabulous couturiere. Later attending fashion school in Melbourne for formal studies,  Aleem built up his skills working alongside skilful artisans, and went on to set up his very own studio in Collingwood. 

We’re fully accredited through the Australian Bridal Service, closely committed to high standards of quality. At Aleem Yusuf, we follow the service’s code of conduct closely to guarantee professionalism, integrity, honesty and trust when planning for your wedding or special day.

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